Related Resources

Community Resilience and Disaster Projects

  • Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience Project — A 5-year collaboration led by the Los Angeles County Department of Public health to improve resilience at the community level.
  • Neighborhood Empowerment Network San Francisco — An alliance of residents, neighborhood associations, faith–based organizations, and others with a mission to empower the neighborhoods of San Francisco with the capacity to steward themselves to a resilient condition.
  • The Resilient America Roundtable and its programs aim to help communities and the nation build resilience to extreme events, save lives, and reduce the physical and economic costs of disasters.

Datasets and Mapping Tools

  • City-Data creates profiles for every city in the United States down to the neighborhood level.
  • Healthy City is an online platform for accessing data, creating maps, and working collaboratively.
  • Vulnerable & At-Risk Populations Resource Guide assists state and local public health agencies, emergency management, hospitals, and other agencies with improved, local mapping options.
  • American Fact Finder -- United Census Bureau, — Find popular facts (population, income, etc.) and frequently requested data about your community.

Guides and Education