Developing a Workplan

The Blueprint for Building Resilience

Your team will determine where to focus your efforts, what you expect to do, and the type of results you hope to achieve.

Using the information gathered on your community — its strengths, resources, weaknesses and threats — the next step is to begin building the plan to achieve your goals.

The foundation of your workplan should include:

  • Key focus areas for strengthening resilience
  • The priorities of your initiative, based on the potential to improve resilience and the feasibility of implementation
  • The responsibilities of all coalition members in supporting the plan
  • Expected duration of each activity
  • Tracking of implementation and completion
  • Outcome measurements

Download Our Workplan Tool

This helpful resource will help you identify issues in your community and allow you to provide detailed information about actions you intend to take and their intended outcome. Download and complete one form for each activity you plan to conduct.

Presenting Your Workplan to the Community

Once you have a workplan draft in place, your next step is to get feedback and buy-in from stakeholders and the community. Two of the more effective options are to plan and promote an event to reveal and review the plan, or to present directly to local government council members.

Helpful Resources
Coalition Workplan

Use this template developed to identify the problems or issues in your community and then provide detailed information about what you plan to do and the type of change it will create. Please complete one activity template for each type of activity you plan to conduct.

Resource Allocation Assessment

For each community priority, decide which sector or organization could lead, support or collaborate on efforts in this area. Then, record what resources are required to complete the activity.


Ready to move on?

The Developing a Workplan is the second milestone in the
Act phase, the next step in the program is

Strategy Rollout

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Workplan Expertise at Your Service

The Resilience United community is an excellent resource for answers and insights on creating a workable plan.

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