Identify Stakeholders

A Place at the Table for Stakeholders

Phase 2 is the organizational phase that includes information and activities you can
use to identify community partners and stakeholders, assess partner roles, and engage organizational leaders.

Ultimately, the success of your project hinges on its stakeholders. That's why it's vital to identify and involve the people who are most invested in the outcome. They can be internal, such as the project sponsor and the inner-most circle of the coalition team, or external, including the people who are most directly impacted by community issues.

Community leaders such as neighborhood organizers are also key people to bring aboard. With a reputation for action and involvement, they add credibility and are more likely to stay involved.

Other stakeholders can include representatives from business, public health agencies, faith groups, emergency services, school boards and more.

Use our Stakeholder Analysis template to help you identify potential stakeholders, determine their level of influence, and discover how they can contribute to your project.

Helpful Resources
Aiding At-Risk Community Members

Use this template to identify at-risk community members, where they live, why they are vulnerable, and the resources they may need.

Stakeholder Analysis Matrix

Use this matrix to list stakeholders, rate their influence, and describe strategies for engagement.

Partnership & Sector Review

Consider the resources various sectors bring to your community and decide what organizations from each of these sectors to invite to the coalition.


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The Identify Stakeholders is the second milestone in the Plan Phase, the next step in the program is

Forming Your Team

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Engage with Our Community

Connect with other community-minded individuals, and gain access to shared resources for building resilience in your community.

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