Ensuring Ongoing Effectiveness

No plan is perfect from day one. The key to maximizing community resilience lies in assessing the quality and effectiveness of your efforts on an ongoing basis. The “Improve” phase is your opportunity to recognize what’s working, identify what vulnerabilities still exist, and further inspire engagement by collecting feedback.

Phase 1

Survey Partners

Your best vantage point on progress comes from “boots on the ground.” Discover the tools to help you gather input and track the status of your coalition.

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Phase 2

Detect Gaps

Evaluate processes and outcomes to get a clear picture of effectiveness, and test the critical elements of resilience to gauge improvement.

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Phase 3

Spread the Word

Keeping the community and your stakeholders updated on accomplishments is critical to remaining top-of-mind and encouraging continuing engagement.

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Get First-Hand Insights on Resilience in Action

Learn how other communities are utilizing the Resilience United program to continuously improve their programs.

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