Kick-Off Meeting

The Strongest Start Toward Building Resilience

Whether in-person or online, this is your first opportunity to build camaraderie, establish priorities and set the stage for upcoming milestones.

With your initial team assembled, you're ready to set the tone for everything to come. The kick-off meeting is your opportunity to establish priorities and begin to craft the workplan that will achieve them.

Tips for Running Your Meeting

How you organize your meeting is completely up to you, but these steps can help ensure that your meeting stays on track and helps you accomplish what you're hoping to achieve:

  • Introduce the team.
  • Review how resilience works. Community resilience is a relatively new concept. RAND Corporation's Learn and Tell Toolkit can help you explain in plain language what it means to be a resilient community. You can download the kit here.
  • Provide a high-level description of your project
  • Review each member's roles and responsibilities
  • Establish how and when you'll communicate with your team
  • Invite feedback
  • Outline the next steps
Helpful Resources
Kick-off Presentation

Customize this Microsoft PowerPoint template to your needs.

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The Kick-Off meeting is the first milestone in the
Act phase, the next step in the program is

Develop a workplan

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