A proven, easy-to-follow strategy to launch your program

The right results only come about with the right plan. That’s why this phase includes gathering information about your community, identifying stakeholders, and forming your coalition — all to build a solid foundation for reaching your unique goals.

Phase 1

Get to Know the Community

The first step is the discovery phase, helping you uncover vital information about the strengths, weaknesses, potential threats, and at-risk populations of your community. You'll also learn ways to map this information that will help you pinpoint community threats and risks.

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Phase 2

Identify Stakeholders

Phase 2 is the organizational phase that includes information and activities you can use to identify community partners and stakeholders, assess partner roles, and engage organizational leaders.

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Phase 3

Forming Your Team

Phase 3 is the final, preparation phase, helping you bring your team together, set goals for the initial meeting, and stay on track toward achieving those goals.

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