Strategy Rollout

Putting Your Workplan in Action

Know the steps and strategies for implementing the workplan, staying engaged with partners and keeping on track toward your community goals.

It takes vigilance to ensure that a plan is working, and building resilience is no different. When you developed your workplan, you set metrics for tracking implementation, completion and effectiveness of each activity. As work progresses, regular status updates will ensure that that those goals are being met.

  • What is the coalition learning during implementation?
  • What's working, what's not working, and why?
  • Do your people have the right training for their tasks?
  • What else might be needed to support implementation?
  • What changes should be made now and in the future?

Another key to success is to keep the lines of communication open with your partner organizations. This will help them to understand their importance in building resilience and help you identify solutions to any difficulties in implementing your plan.

It's also important for your partners to assess their own efforts in helping you implement, shape and improve your plan as it goes forward. Our Organization Self-Assessment Questionnaire will help them accurately gauge their involvement while providing you with another avenue for engagement.

Helpful Resources
Self Assessment Questionnaire

Investigators from the LACCDR project crafted the questions in this template to help you engage with partner organizations. The goal is to identify possible changes or improvements during implementation.

Activity Log

A useful log to keep track of tasks and coalition assignments.

“Voices of Resilience” Video Series

The Neighborhood Empowerment Network's “Voices of Resilience” video series

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The Strategy Rollout is the third milestone in the
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The Resilience United community can share their experiences with putting a plan into action.

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