Survey Partners

Gaining Vital Feedback from Your Coalition and Partners

Your best vantage point on progress comes from “boots on the ground.” Discover the tools to help you gather input and track the status of your coalition.

Keeping the lines of communication open provides an opportunity to gain insights on the effectiveness of your program and course correct as needed. It also acts to keep these vital allies informed, passionate and actively involved in building resilience in your community.

Resilience United's partner survey tools provide the framework for helping you gather input, observations and ideas that help to ensure continuous improvement toward your ultimate goals.

Helpful Resources
Partner Survey

Use this tool to record the role of partners, their expectations of the project, how they contributed and their recommendations for improvement.


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The Survey Partners is the first milestone in the Improve Phase, the next step in the program is

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Tap into the insights of the Resilience United community

Get tips and suggestions on gaining actionable feedback from your coalition and partners.

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