Tools and Downloads

Use these collaborative tools to prepare for your next meeting or event.


Partnership & Sector Review

Consider the resources various sectors bring to your community and decide what organizations from each of these sectors to invite…


Stakeholder Analysis Matrix

Use this matrix to list stakeholders, rate their influence, and describe strategies for engagement.


Community Strengths and Resources

Document strengths and resources available in your community using this template developed by the LACCDR project team.


Community Weaknesses

Identify community weaknesses using this tool.


Aiding At-Risk Community Members

Use this template to identify at-risk community members, where they live, why they are vulnerable, and the resources they may…


Kick-off Presentation

Customize this Microsoft PowerPoint template to your needs.


Resource Allocation Assessment

For each community priority, decide which sector or organization could lead, support or collaborate on efforts in this area. Then,…


Coalition Workplan

Use this template developed to identify the problems or issues in your community and then provide detailed information about what…


Activity Log

A useful log to keep track of tasks and coalition assignments.


Partner Survey

Use this tool to record the role of partners, their expectations of the project, how they contributed and their recommendations…


Coalition Survey

Use this tool as part of your evaluation to assess, from the coalition perspective, what worked and didn’t work and…


How to Conduct a Tabletop Exercise

Use this step-by-step guide to conducting a tabletop exercise to test capacities, detect gaps, and identify new procedures and training…


Tabletop Exercise

Handout pages for participants.


Self Assessment Questionnaire

Investigators from the LACCDR project crafted the questions in this template to help you engage with partner organizations. The goal…

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